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Relieved Joint Pain

My mother has really uncomfortable joint pain and she was so pleased to be able to sleep because of relieved joint pain from the muscle and joint pain roller. My sister gets better sleep too! The appetite control roller actually works too, it's in my bag and I use it a lot throughout the day. Thanks Amal! - A. A.

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Goodnight Roller Is Amazing!

Thank you so much Amal's Apothecary for the sleepy roller! As a mompreneur, I work when the kids sleep. With this week's project it has meant that I've been sleeping 1-2am and waking up at 5-6am so I can GET STUFF DONE! By the time I get to bed, I've been so over-exhausted but have a million to-do's running through my head making it hard to fall asleep. The sleepy roller has helped me calm down, fall asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed on just a few hours of sleep! Thank you so much! - N. Q.

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