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Lash Out Loud Works So Well!

I bought the Lash Out Loud for my friend and it is working wonders! She is so happy with the results! She is also using it for her eyebrows, and it is working great too! Thanks so much Amal's Apothecary! -R.A.

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Loving my products!

I have been loving the Rapunzel Hair Nourishing Spray and the Calm Roller! After giving birth, I was losing so much hair and my scalp was hurting. It doesn't hurt anymore since I started using the spray! And the calm roller I use every morning before tackling the day with my babies! It makes me feel like I can handle anything they throw at me :D -M.R.

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Shield Roller

I can vouch that the shield roller works! Last year, we were sick for most of the winter. This year, I've been using this roller and whenever I feel like me or my boys are coming down with something I apply it a couple of times a day and it shortens and lessens the symptoms! <3 -S.A.

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Calm Roller

My husband is very happy with the stress relieving/anxiety roller!! He rolls it on his wrists before starting his long drive. He used to get very stressed and get anxiety attacks while driving in rush hour. He says breathing it in from his wrists relaxes his breathing. Keep doing what you are doing because it is working! - F. M.

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